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Police Chase Ends In Arrest, Recovery Of Murdered AU Professor's Jeep

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- DC Police made an overnight arrest of a teen in possession of a murdered American University professors vehicle.

Police say Deandrew Hamlin, 18, is charged with Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, and a felony charge of Fleeing from Police. Police say possible additional charges are pending. 

Montgomery County Police, investigating the death of American University professor Sue Ann Marcum, hope to interview the driver today.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Gala

Over last weekend, the Susan G. Komen Foundation celebrated 30 years of research and education, including an A-list dinner for donors on Friday at the Kuwaiti Embassy.  The Kuwaiti dinner was the kickoff to a weekend full of activities sponsored by the Susan G. Komen Foundation, including the "Honoring the Promise" event at the Kennedy Center Saturday evening with Laura Bush.  The Kuwaiti Embassy holds a special place in my heart because I was honored at the Kuwaiti Embassy for my work as a youth ambassador to the Kuwait-American Foundation's "Do The Write Thing Campaign" which gives middle school students an opportunity to examine the impact of youth violence on their lives through classroom discussions and writings. 

DC Street Sweeping To End Oct. 29

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Officials with the  D.C. Department of Public Works said weekly residential street sweeping will end for the season on Oct. 29.

Parking restrictions will be lifted and motorist can park along posted, alternate-side daytime street sweeping routes without moving their cars on cleaning days.

Overnight sweeping on the District's major roadways, which include Pennsylvania, Georgia, Constitution and Independence avenues, will take place as usual all winter as weather permits.

Leaf collection season will run from November 8 through January 15.

Leaves will be vacuumed from each street at least twice.

Bethesda Restaurant Week Boasts Big Deals & Metromix Halloween Party

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)-- Oh My GOFF! Angie Goff reports a dozen eateries offer big deals during Bethesda Row Restaurant Week through the weekend. Plus, details on Capitol Skyline Hotel's Metromix Halloween Bash

Avon Foundation for Women Program Awards Montgomery County Sheriff's with $50,000 Grant

The Avon Foundation for Women has awarded a ($50,000) one-year grant to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at the Family Justice Center (FJC) for the creation and funding of the Avon Empowerment Self-Sufficiency Program to make an immediate, tangible difference for Domestic Violence survivors by providing them with guidance and assistance to create independent, violence-free lives. The Avon Empowerment Self-Sufficiency Program is the focus of the 2010 Avon Foundation for Women's annual awards program under the auspices of the Foundation's Speak Out Against Domestic Violence initiative.  The Montgomery County Family Justice Center is among one of the 32 grant recipients selected from among close to 150 applicants nationwide.

Problems for Medicinal Marijuana in DC?

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- As DC prepares to join more than a dozen states that allow the use of medicinal marijuana, some patients here say other laws will have to change in order for it to work.

One patient who says she needs medicinal marijuana raises the issue of drug tests.

If medicinal marijuana is legal, she asks, how can an employer deny you a job or fire you for failing a drug test because it shows you have used marijuana?

"I have been H-I-V positive over 20 years. I've been denied employment over numerous times due to drug testing, and I just refuse to tell an employer I'm H-I-V positive, this is the reason I can't pass the drug test," she told 9NewsNow, which agreed to protect her identity.

It's not the only problem she forsees as DC implements the new law next year.

The Halt to Foreclosures will have an impact to DC area homeowners

Recently, there has been a halt to foreclosures on homes where the mortgages have fallen into default. The onus has been put on the lenders to prove that they have the right to foreclose. Judges have started dismissing foreclosure actions against homeowners as it has become clear that the banks do not have clear title or standing to foreclose.

What this means to struggling homeowners is that they now have an opportunity to challenge banks that may not have been helpful in the loan modification process. Very few homes have been successfully modified under the HAMP program and the blame for this is being laid right at the banks front door. From the entire modification process being characterized as unhelpful to downright deceptive, this moratorium on foreclosing will give homeowners a chance to negotiate favorable terms with their lenders.