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Calvert Woodley Fine Wines & Spirits | Food & Dining

Calvert Woodley Fine Wines & Spirits
Direct Importer & Retailer of Fine Wines & Spirits
4339 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20008

About Us

Calvert Woodley opened its doors in 1982 after the merger of two competitors, Calvert Liquors and Woodley Wine & Liquor, and is still owned and operated by the original owners and their families. We pride ourselves on personal, knowledgeable customer service, fantastic selection and hard to beat prices.Dating back to 1945, Calvert Liquors was located on Wisconsin Avenue in the Glover Park neighborhood. Woodley Wine & Liquor, created in 1966, was in the Cleveland Park strip across from the Uptown Theater. When the opportunity arose for Aaron Bernstein of Calvert to join forces with Ed Sands of Woodley, the two jumped at the chance and moved to our current location in the Van Ness/UDC neighborhood at the corner of Connecticut Ave and Windom.Visit us and see why we're the Number One wine and spirit shop in DC and one of the best in the country!Store HoursMon - Fri: 10:00am - 8:30pmSaturday: 9:30am - 8:30pmSunday: CLOSED

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Reviews from our customers:
“I love this place!  They have lots of wines and are very knowledgeable.  I recently went in there, asked what would be good with seared ahi, for less than $15, and the two wine dudes unanimously suggested a great white for $14.  No one tries to upsell you:  you just get the best quality wine in your range, based on your tastes. They also have a great cheese counter and coffee right out of the burlap sack.  And parking!  Calvert -Woodley, you are the bomb.”
“Calvert Woodley is truly a find! I have found the prices on wine and liquor here to beat any other store in the city. They have an amazing selection of both wines and spirits and beer and they even sell their own store brands which are perfectly decent for mixing and are extremely well-priced (less than $10 for a 1.75 leader of vodka for example!). In addition to the liquor they have a deli where they sell cheeses and sliced meats and some salads. Check out the cheese treasures-- leftover pieces that are sold for only $1 each even though they may be worth much, much more.”
“This liquor store is quite possibly the only store in DC where you can find a GREAT selection of wine and spirits at reasonable prices and a knowledgeable staff willing and able to answer any questions you may have. Everyone in the store is helpful and friendly, and they really know their stuff. I highly recommend going there if you're planning on throwing a big party and you need some help picking out a few good ones.”


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