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The Flower Felon
The Flower Felon

In the last few months, Cleveland Park residents have been frantically posting about their beautiful blooming flowers being stolen from their yards and community garden plots.  One resident claims that over 50 of her peony blooms were stolen. This blossom burglary has been going on for quite some time now. Many residents have described a man carrying flowers—loose, unwrapped, and strikingly similar those stolen from the neighborhood.

In April, it was lilacs. Three times, in the early morning hours, he was seen going northbound on the Glover-Archibald trail from Massachusetts Avenue.  Last week, the alleged flower thief was spotted, carrying a big bunch of hydrangeas, and headed north on a trail toward Van Ness. One resident has seen a man, arms loaded with flowers, leaving the community garden located between the 2nd District Police Station and the busy Newark Street dog park. And the complaints about missing flowers keep pouring in!

What kind of person steals someone’s flowers? And why hasn’t he been caught? Hasn’t someone thought to install a flower cam to catch the thief in the act? One woman and her dog tried to chase him down two years ago when she caught him stealing flowers from her front yard.  She chased him from 46th Street to Western Avenue where he jumped on a bus. His arms were full of flowers; he must have had two dozen or more.

The flower felon is described as a short, white male, about 60 years old with wavy salt and pepper hair. But he is most recognizable by the large haphazard bouquet he often carries. So hide your petunias and lock up your pansies, there’s a blossom bandit in Cleveland Park.