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Emergency Room vs. Immediate & Primary Care | Health

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Emergency Room vs. Immediate & Primary Care
Emergency Room vs. Immediate & Primary Care

Last month I had a terrible kitchen accident when my index finger collided with my commercial immersion blender. 

Needless to say, I needed immediate attention.  Feeling faint and afraid to drive myself to the hospital, I walked to the Immediate and Primary Care facility located at 2902 Porter Street, NW (at the corner on Connecticut Ave., NW).   I had heard very good things about this facility since it opened.

It was early in the morning, so there wasn’t a crowd.  The receptionist was incredibly helpful and got me right back to see the doctor.  The doctor began cleaning around my deep cut with alcohol which then dripped into the wound.  Ouch! I also noticed, as the ‘older’ doctor worked, his hands were shaking!  This made me nervous.  Was I going to allow him to stitch me up? Had I made the right decision coming here? 

The doctor gave me two choices:  stitches or steri strips.  Considering his shaky hands, I chose steri strips.  Three steri strips, lots of band aids, one huge bandage, and a prescription for antibiotics later, I left with an appointment for dressing changes two days later and an uneasy feeling.

I got home, got into my car and headed to Sibley Hospital.  I was immediately brought into the emergency room, where “Dr. Mark” took one look at my finger and said:  STITCHES

I received 3 shots of Novocain, 4 stitches, 5 days of antibiotics and 1 tetanus shot.   I left with instructions to remove my bandages in 2 days and I felt a whole lot better.

I’m not giving up on Immediate and Primary Care. I am thankful that I got patched up so I could head to the hospital. I know now what constitutes “immediate care” and when I should head to the nearest emergency room instead.