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Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings Suspended For Health Violations | News

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Chipotle, Buffalo Wild Wings Suspended For Health Violations

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - Health inspectors suspended eight restaurants in Washington, Fairfax County, and Montgomery County since mid-November for sanitation violations including Chipotle at Union Station, Buffalo Wild Wings in Rockville Town Square and a movie theater in Falls Church.

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Union Station Chipotle and Rockville Town Square Buffalo Wild Wings Suspended

At Union Station, inspectors temporarily closed Chipotle citing cross-contamination control and operating without hot water.

In Rockville Town Square, officials suspended Buffalo Wild Wings.

In addition to a citation for operating with no hot water, inspectors cited Buffalo Wild Wings for a dirty bathroom, a moldy ice machine and continuing to allow in customers even after officials ordered it closed.

Buffalo Wild Wings declined comment, but allowed us to see its water is now hot.

Westfield Wheaton Mall kiosk ordered temporarily closed

At Westfield Wheaton Mall, inspectors ordered Tastee Ice Cream closed.

Besides roaches running throughout the kiosk at Tastee Ice Cream, inspectors reported "no hot water" and no one with certified training in food safety.

The required sanitation supervisor also wasn't at the Westfield Wheaton kiosk Wednesday when 9 Wants to Know visited.

District Subway closure order cites mice

District inspectors suspended a Subway on Brentwood Road N.E. citing a rodent infestation and no one on duty with proof of current sanitation training.

When we went to the Subway, the manager showed us documentation that he's updated his food safety registration and is compliant now.

He also allowed us to look inside the kitchen where we saw no signs of rodents.

Fairfax County Movie theater suspended

In Falls Church, Fairfax County officials suspended Big Cinemas Loehmann's Twin Theater on Arlington Boulevard citing no food safety manager on duty for the past seven months.

North Capitol St. N.E. carryout cited for mice and other violations

At Full Yum Carryout on North Capitol Street NE, a worker told us there was no certified sanitation manager on duty there either.

The carryout is just a few blocks north of the United States Capitol.

Inspectors closed the the restaurant temporarily citing mice droppings, food at unsafe temperatures and other violations.

While we were at Full Yum, we saw one worker touch burger buns with his bare hands while another worker ate out of a bowl near a pan of frozen shrimp left out at room temperature.

"It's still frozen," a worker said as the other worker put on gloves.

Food code forbids thawing out meats at room temperature, prohibits workers from touching ready-to-eat food without gloves, and identifies eating in the kitchen near food as a food risk.

When a manager arrived at Full Yum she didn't have a food safety training certificate and acknowledged she was not registered with the city as a sanitation supervisor.

She woman asked us to leave Full Yum which continued to operate.

Gaithersburg caterer temporarly closed

At Superb Cuisine on Ziggy Lane in Gaithersburg, inspectors shut the caterer down for not using dishwasher cleaner that sanitizes.

Off camera, the manager showed me they've corrected the problem.

Northwest sushi restaurant closure cites rats

On Wisconsin Ave. N.W, the good news at Satay Club and Sushi is that the restaurant did have a sanitation manager on duty and they did have hot water.

The bad news is that inspectors closed Satay Club citing 22 other violations, including rats.

"We tried to stop everything," a woman who identified herself as Satay's manager said. "We tried to clean up. We tried to do everything we can."

She wouldn't allow us to see in the kitchen.

Inspectors cited a laundry list of violations including rat droppings throughout Satay, employees not washing hands, and using unapproved methods to make dried duck and sushi rice.

Satay, and all the eateries we reviewed, passed re-inspection and remain in business.