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In his own words: Driver talks about car hanging off wall | News

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In his own words: Driver talks about car hanging off wall

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) --  If you were in the 2600 block of Tunlaw Rd NW on Wednesday morning, then you may have seen a car dangling off a wall.

We talked to driver Ira Batt, who explained, "So I go over the wooden barrier and the car gets stuck. Well, I said, 'I'm an old straight-shift guy.' I backed it up, throw it into forward and it bounces right over the barrier."

"Four guys come running out. You go any further, you're going to drop down a 12 foot wall. Says I, 'it's an old car but I think that's a hard ride,'" he chuckled. "'It's too old to fly.'"

SEE PHOTOS OF THE CAR HERE: http://on.wusa9.com/17fKYgE

Batt then told us, "I came out and they're not kidding. That car could drop as far as that roof and, uh, so I sit there and I go, what goes next? He says, 'tow truck.'"

"Well, I'm a European driver for many years and I say, 'you got five big guys. You could just lift the front of the car and just push it back.' No, they don't do it."

Batt told us that in Europe with the spaces being really small that men would lift and move cars to help other drivers.

Batt then took us to the scene of the accident and explained what he had been trying to do.

"So I drove in here and I said, 'oh, there's a barrier. They don't want me to go into the building.' So I said, 'I'll make a turn and go into the parking lot.' Now, they don't have any poles here or anything warning you so I said, 'I'll just make the turn right here and go into the parking lot.' Except that the parking lot wasn't at the same altitude. And my car is too old to fly anymore."

He admits that he's lucky he wasn't hurt.


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