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DC Public Schools LaunchTeacher Recognition Program

WASHINGTON (WUSA) - The DC Public School System (DCPS) has launched a new initiative to recognize and retain outstanding teachers, announced Chancellor Kaya Henderson of DCPS on Wednesday.

The Leadership Initiative for Teachers program, or LIFT, functions on a five-stage career ladder that allows high-performing educators to advance inside and outside of the classroom. The DCPS is the first urban public school system to implement this sort of career advancement program for teachers, according to officials.

"Our teachers shape the future for our children," said Henderson. "At DCPS, we demand excellence from our educators and we work hard to honor and recognize them as the professionals they are. LIFT takes that one step further, making career advancement, a standard practice in every other profession, a reality for DCPS teachers."

Humane Society Teams Up with Kitty Cats to Help Scratch Out Bullying

Humane Society Teams Up with Kitty Cats to Help Scratch Out Bullying

The Montgomery County Humane Society and dreamBIG Press, publisher of the new Kitty Cats book series, are partnering in an effort to raise awareness about bullying in the community. The move comes just as kids around the country are heading back to school. Bullying has become an important issue that parents and schools are facing across the nation.

“It’s exciting for us to team up with dreamBIG Press to help address the issue of bullying in our community,” says BJ Altschul, director of humane education at the Montgomery County Humane Society. “Using animals in this awareness is a win-win situation, because children learn to be more compassionate toward each other, as well as toward animals.”

5 Back-to-School Time-Saving Tips

5 Back-to-School Time-Saving Tips

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 79 million students will be heading back to school this fall. With the relaxing, and often even boring, summer break officially coming to a close, it will mean a drastic change for most families. The school year goes hand in hand with a busy family schedule – one that leaves many families unsure how to slow things down and make it a little less hectic.

“Families across the nation experience a major time crunch once the school bell rings,” explains Shawn Davis, otherwise known as Chef Big Shake, the founder of CBS Foods and The Original Shrimp Burger. “We only have so many hours in a day, and we have many things we need to fit into them. It’s crucial that we take the time to find ways to slow the pace, if only for our peace of mind.”

Here are 5 back-to-school time-saving tips that families can use to help slow the pace and help make life a little less hectic:



Advantage Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, LLC of Gainesville and Manassas Va. offers safety tips for kids’ carrying school backpacks to avoid strains and injury. For more information, go contact 703-753-1005 or visit www.aptronline.com.

“Many students and parents are inclined to overload their backpacks with books, lunches and jackets,” said Lisa Kerrigan, physical therapist and president of Advantage Physical Therapy in Gainesville and Manassas, Va. “Over time, children who carry excessive heavy loads can experience issues with back strain, posture and injury,” said Aram.

Advantage Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, LLC suggests top 10 tips when choosing a student’s backpack:

National Cathedral Receives Grant For Quake Repairs

NORTHWEST, DC (WUSA) -- The bells at the Washington National Cathedral chimed at the exact moment the earth shook a year ago.

Joe Alonso and his stonemason team have the 20 million dollar task of repairing the damaged grand pinnacles atop the 'Gloria in Excelsis' central tower.

"People saw the cathedral swaying, the day of the quake."

A two and a half ton piece crashed below during the quake. Hundreds of other pieces crumbled.

 Alonso hoisted the first repair of the beautifully hand carved 'crocket to the pinnacle after a blessing of the stone.

The small piece of stone that's attached to the pinnacle using the 'dutchman repair' technique weighs about 50 pounds. Other pieces weigh thousands of pounds.

Rev. Dr. Francis Wade is the cathedral's interim dean. "It took under a century to get the pinnacles on top of this cathedral, it took just under a minute to bring some of them down. "

Cats and Kids Scratch Out Bullying – What to Teach Kids About Bullying

Cats and Kids Scratch Out Bullying – What to Teach Kids About Bullying

Over the next few weeks, roughly 79 million students will head back to schools around the nation, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. When the school year resumes, so too will the perpetual cycle of students missing days of school because they fear bullying. Each day, it is estimated that 160,000 students stay home from school to avoid being bullied.

“The first step in preventing bullying is to realize that we all share common traits and we all need to feel safe, accepted, and liked for who we are,” explains Peter J. Goodman, author of the book “We’re All Different But We’re All Kitty Cats.” “One of the main themes in my book is tolerance, because it is crucial, especially when we live in such a diverse world.”


Although born and bred in upstate New York, I have lived in Northern Virginia for 31 years. This election cycle, the Commonwealth is a battleground in the Presidential race, and by virtue of anticipated coattails, negative or positive, in the Senatorial one as well. For what seems like an eternity, residents have endured increasingly nasty TV ads, and it isn't even post convention, post Labor Day!  Candidates have been crisscrossing the state in attack dog mode, spewing gall and gaffes, attempting to drum up support. I want to buy earplugs.