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HERO CENTRAL: Food For Others Saves Families from Hunger

HERO CENTRAL: Food For Others Saves Families from Hunger

FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA9)--- "I get to go home and make something to eat for you know my little ones," said Lamar Edmonds on his first trip to Food for Others. The non-profit organization distributes free food from its warehouse. Edmonds gets bread, a package of food along with milk and eggs. The items are a part of the Emergency Assistance Program.

Northern Virginia has about 90,000 people living in poverty. The number represents about 5 percent of the population in the area, according to the U.S. Census.

Increased Police Presence at Metro on Friday

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- There will be an increased police presence at some Metro stations on Friday during evening rush hour.

Metro notes this is not in response to any specific threat but a chance for Metro Transit Police to work with other agencies in DC. This is called the Blue TIDE program. 

The goal of this is to increase partnership between the various law-enforcement agencies in a joint effort to lessen crime and deter terrorist activity, WMATA said in the news release. 

This means more security sweeps at stations and more officers boarding trains and checking for any suspicious activity. More than 50 officers will be taking part in this, according to WMATA.

Officers also will distribute crime prevention information at the stations, providing tips to riders on how to protect themselves and their property while traveling, WMATA said in a news release. 


VIDEO: Severe Downpour on Wisconsin Ave., Drivers Take Caution In Storm

BETHESDA, MD (WUSA9) --- Drivers take caution. The storm is bringing sudden downpour down on commuters.

At the top of rush hour, a deluge of rain obscures the driver's view no matter how fast the windshield wipers operate. Take caution and stop if needed before continuing to drive, regardless of the traffic lights.

Watch the cellphone video on Wisconsin Ave. by the Maryland to DC border.

Written by: Elizabeth Jia
WUSA9 & WUSA9.com


Jacoby Jones's Dance Moves Inspire WUSA9 Anchor

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- WUSA9 Sports Anchor Dave Owens got inspired by Jacoby Jones's offseason success on
"Dancing With The Stars."

So, on Friday night, he decided he was going to break out the Afro and fur coat for the newscast. 

After a brief wardrobe malfunction, and some grief from his fellow anchors, Dave showed us the moves of the Soul Train dance line from way back in the day. 

Hey Jacoby, you got the trophies, but Daves' got the swagger!

A Traffic Ticket You Don't Have To Pay

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- "They're pretty pesky things!  They're not my favorite," says Ashleigh Dyson.

Ashleigh commutes to American University's campus each week.  She's learned parking on the neighborhood streets can come with a high cost.

"There's one day I got two two tickets," she says.

Seventy-five dollars a pop.  It's the penalty this third year marketing major has to pay for violating the school's "Good Neighbor" policy. 

Anyone connected to AU can be ticketed by campus police if they park in nearby neighborhoods, even if the street sign says they can park, legally, for up to two hours.

"An average day we may ticket, maybe 20, 30 students," says one of AU's ticket writers.

AU students aren't the only ones who get snagged by those pricey violations.

Dinners by Design Raised Money for Smithsonian Programs

Dinners by Design Raised Money for Smithsonian Programs

Smithsonian Women's Committee Members, Smithsonian Craft Show Artists and Dinner Guests Joined Five of DC's Top Interior Designers at Their Homes for the Second Annual Dinners by Design

David MitchellAndrew Law, Camille SaumSkip Sroka, and Rosemarie Howe generously and creatively supported the recent Smithsonian Craft Show by hosting five exciting Dinners by Design. David Mitchell founded this annual event in 2012 and is working towards declaring April Design Month in DC.

Guests had the unique opportunity to tour the designers' homes, who offered a rare behind-the-scenes look at their residences while also sharing insight into the process of designing homes for some of the DC area's celebrities.

The Independent Collection Maps a New Course for Destination Travel

The Independent Collection Maps a New Course for Destination Travel

Neighborhood collaborations make the getaway experience one to savor

City scenes and insider information greet guests who visit The Independent Collection’s new in-the-know websites, http://independentcollection.com. The recently relaunched sites are for a select group of hotels located in unique urban neighborhoods along the East Coast, all part of The Independent Collection. The Independent Collection, a growing collection of intimate lifestyle hotels managed by HHM, maps a course of travel for its guests that make the entire experience one to remember.