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Klingle Road Environmental Assessment due out this month

Klingle Road Environmental Assessment due out this month

The final Klingle Road Environmental Assessment (EA) is scheduled to be released this month by DC Department of Transportation (DDOT). The Coalition to Repair and Reopen Klingle Road has been participating in efforts to repair and reopen Klingle Road since the early 1990s. Their dedicated pursuit of repair and reopening the road for motor vehicle traffic has never objected to inclusion of a hike/bike trail adjacent to the road. They hope that the EA would formally identify the Coalition as an interested party in this assessment.

Here are some points that the Coalition hopes are addressed in the final report:

*Councilmember Cheh’s legislation limits the trail to 10’ width with a permeable surface. The EA has a wider and impervious surface alternative. It should add an alternative of restoring and rebuilding Klingle Road.

George Washington, Captain America Attend Tea Party Patriot Event

Men dressed as George Washington and Captain America attended the Tea Party Patriot party on Election night.  Here's what they each had to say about their outfits and their meaning:

George Washington man: "(George Washington) was with the original tea party activists in America, and (they) gathered together to fight for liberty, and our independence, and our Republic. That's what the revelation is here tonight.  It's a reprise of our recovery of our Republic.  That's what we're here for."


Captain America man: "I'm Captain America, I'm here to save my country.  I'm tired of Christianity being removed, about the Constitution being stepped on and ripped up.  I'm tired of everything that this country holds near and dear being destroyed."

Maryland Governor's and Senate Race Projections

According to projections posted by The Huffington Post, it seems that democratic candidate Governor Martin O'Malley is ahead of republican candidate former Governor Robert Ehrlich.

O'Malley leads by 51.5% while Erhlich trails behind with 40.6%.

In the race for Senate, democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski has a steady lead against republican candidate Eric Wargotz.

Mikulski is projected to win with 56.4% compared to Wargotz's 36.2%

For more election coverage, watch WUSA9 or click WUSA9.com.

O'Malley/Brown Set-Up Underway

It's a gorgeous day on the Inner Harbor and a fantastic location at the American Visionary Arts Museum where the O'Malley/Brown team has just begun to set up shop for Maryland's gubernatorial race.

Today, Governor Martin O'Malley faces former Governor Robert Ehrlich in a heated competition.  With voter turnout in Maryland forming at a steady pace,The Baltimore Business Journal reports that both campaigns have turned to social media to spread the word and get residents to the polls.

O’Malley’s Twitter feed, @GovernorOMalley, started blasting tweets at 6:30 a.m. telling voters: “Polls open in a half hour. Are you ready to move #md4ward? #mdvote”

Fenty Write-In Team Formally Launching In Tenleytown

Earlier this week, we wrote a story about the Write-In Fenty Campaign gaining steam in DC.  Today, Thursday, October 7, we received this advisory about the campaign formally launching:

Save DC Now Political Action Committee formally announces the launch of the Write-In Fenty Campaign.

The write-in, which began as a strong grassroots led movement, has now developed into a full campaign.  It began to pick up steam after John Hlinko, a buzz czar, started a RunFentyRun facebook page.  In just two weeks, this write-in effort has grown from a handful of people to thousands of supporters across the city.

Friendship Heights Poll of the Week: How Will Vince Gray Affect Ward 3?

The city will soon be under new leadership...how do you feel as though Ward 3 will be affected?